Rent / Maintenance & Repairs / Tenancy

1. Rent

What methods of payment does Camwood accept for monthly rent payments? Payments must be received by the first of the month in the form of personal cheque(s), certified cheque(s), or money order(s). Post-dated cheques ensure that your monthly rent is paid on time. We do offer the convenient option of pre-authorized payments.

When is rent due? Unless alternative arrangements have been made between tenant(s) and Camwood, rent is due no later than the first day of every month. Tenants will owe Camwood a monetary penalty for cheques returned due to non-sufficient funds, in addition to the fees owed to their banking institution.

Does Camwood have to give notification of a rent increase? Yes. Camwood must give a tenant written notice of rent increase at least 90 days before the day the rent increases. The notice must include how much the new rent payment will be and when the new payment goes into effect. If the tenant decides the new rent payment is more than what they want to pay, there is enough time for the tenant to provide Camwood with proper notice of termination and move out before the rent increase begins.

Why did I receive a Notice to End your Tenancy For Non-payment of Rent (N4) when I paid my rent? Rent is considered overdue if it is not paid on the 1st of the month.

Will I still get a N4 even if I provide a valid reason for my late payment? Yes, it is a common procedure we must go through for filing purposes.

How long are the terms of the lease? Unless an alternative agreement has been reached between the tenant(s) and Camwood, all lease agreements are for a period of 12 months.

My lease is about to expire. Do I have to renew it? For residential tenants: the lease will automatically go on a month-to-month lease with an increase each year as per Tenant and Landlord guidelines. Therefore, the tenant does not have to make arrangements to sign an addendum or extension to the lease.

I am away/out of the country for a lengthy period of time. Can someone else issue payment for me? The leaseholder's name is responsible for ensuring rental payments. The tenant can provide post-dated cheques in advance, or sign up for our pre-authorized payment plan with our office providing us with at least 15 days’ notice for the 1st payment.

My payment has gone NSF. The tenant has to issue a replacement cheque to Camwood Properties Ltd covering the total rental amount owing plus $27 administration fee. Please mail the cheque to our main office soon as possible or bring it in person to our office. Do not leave it in the drop-box because cheques are picked up once a month on the first day of each month.

2. Maintenance & Repairs

Who is responsible for maintaining the unit? It is the landlord's responsibility to maintain the unit in a good state of repair, even if: (1) the tenant was aware of problems in the unit before they moved into it (2) the lease says that the tenant is responsible for maintenance. However, the tenant is responsible for keeping the unit clean, up to the standard that most people consider ordinary or normal cleanliness. The tenant is also responsible for repairing or paying for any damage to the rental property they caused or caused by their guests or another person living in the rental unit.

Can I withhold rent because my landlord isn't properly maintaining my building or unit? No. If you withhold rent, the landlord can give you a notice of termination for non-payment of rent and then file an application to evict you.

What should I do if repairs are needed to my building or unit? Fill out the maintenance request form and send it to the head office by email: mail@camwoodproperties.com or fax: 416-598-2314.

Can I contact my own repairman to fix problems in my unit? No, under all circumstances you have to notify Camwood staff and we will proceed with your concerns.

Damage has occurred in my apartment (hole in the wall, broken window etc.), do I have to pay for it? Yes, tenants are financially accountable for any damages that occur in their apartment, unless other arrangements were made by Camwood to incur the cost.

I need to give access to the internet/phone technician to set up services. Whom do I contact? Please contact the superintendent of the building or our office in advance to arrange a date and time. The landlord is not obligated to give access for on-the-spot requests.

3. Tenancy

How much notice do I have to give if I want to move out? 60 days in advance.

On what grounds can a tenant be evicted? There are many different reasons for evicting a tenant. The following is a brief list of some of these examples:
- Rent has not been paid in full
- Rent is frequently overdue
- Damage has been caused to the rental property
- Illegal activity being performed by the tenant in the unit or on property grounds
- Safety of others has been compromised
- Peace of other tenants or landlord has been disturbed
- Too many people are living in the rental unit ( overcrowding )
- In the case of subsidized housing, income has not been reported
- Landlord requires the unit for him/herself personally

When can I receive my deposit back after I move-out? Once Camwood receives the keys to the rental unit and the tenant notifies Toronto Hydro and other applicable utilities of correct move-out date, then Camwood can issue a refund to tenant if there is any amount owing. To ensure a prompt refund, please provide a forwarding address and confirm key return and hydro/utility move-out completion form.